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Real India Travel Guide

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Anya Appella is a freelance writer, full-time traveler, and eternal chai tea enthusiast. She has a BA in Religious Studies, lived in India for eight years, and loves helping fellow travelers avoid those classic, first-visit pitfalls. She wrote the "Real India Travel Guide: An American Woman's Perspective" to share her local how-to knowledge and make travel in India safe and convenient—so you can enjoy one of the most fascinating countries on earth and go home wanting more. Anya is also an animal lover and lives for volunteering in her free time.

What they are saying

The Real India Travel Guide is an honest, brave, and tremendously helpful accounting of travel inside India. Anyone considering travel to India should read this book twice and know that the commentaries by the author are born and shared out of love for this amazing culture and a desire to help you to safely navigate travel inside this destination. I wish I had read this book before I traveled to India. Bravo and thank you to its author.


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25 apr. 2019 00:00
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