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युञ्जीत प्रणवे चेतः प्रणवो ब्रह्म निर्भयम् । प्रणवे नित्ययुक्तस्य न भयं विद्यते क्वचित्

Yuñjīta pranave cetah pranavo brahma nirbhayam | pranave nityayuktasya na bhayam vidyate kvacit ||

The mind should be unified with Aum. Aum is Brahman, the ever-fearless. He who is always unified with Aum knows no fear whatever.

Agama Prakarana Kārikā, verse 1.25


If you are suffering from what doctors have called acute stress disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, or complex ptsd, then here you will find a solution to help you through it. What is posted here is a direct solution for you to use to survive through the traumatic episode, as well as be a trigger for healing.

Are you having a panic attack right now? Or are you having some type of crisis right this minute? Then skip to minute 5.30 of the video below for immediate relief.

You only need to be committed to your emotional healing.

If you have any other spiritual practices, I would advise to put those on hold and focus solely on this practice for some days. Do this daily until you feel zero charge when you think of the traumatic episode or the recurring thought.

I can tell you from experience this works, and it works fast. It will immediately release whatever your mind and body are storing. After trying everything, I will tell you for sure that this is the best solution I have found.

This is what is called Kriya Yoga. It is a combination of mudras, (hand gestures), mantras, (sounds from the mouth), and pranayama, (regulated breathing) to assist you to purge the toxicity from your system.

This particular Kriya below was devised and is taught by enlightened master Swami Nithyananda.

How do you know if you are you suffering from acute stress disorder? Do you find that you have the same obsessive thoughts over and over again? These thoughts could be preventing you from living your life fully or from moving forward in life to do what you want.

Are there incidents or situations which happened in the past, which you find keep repeating in your present day reality even though you really do not want them and you feel powerless to stop them?

Then you may be suffering from ptsd, or what I am calling here, acute stress disorder. The fears which you do not process can truly paralyze and ruin your life.

Do not allow yourself to get to this point! Bravely fight these fears in your life as they arise.

One big thought pattern which goes along with acute stress disorder is “I am not safe.”

If you have been abused as a child, then you may not even be aware of this all pervasive thought pattern which constantly tells you that you are not safe.

Look and see, if this a persistent pattern for you. Look into your behavior: ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Chances are it is because you don’t feel safe.

The good news is there is a way out. It is through releasing the old and replacing it with “I am safe. I am protected.”

I do not want to label anybody with any type of disorder. These labels will never help you, they will only harm you and keep you stuck in a pattern of illness.

So if anybody did a “diagnosis” on you saying you have this mental disorder, or that mental problem I tell you to ignore them!

Take the medicine if they gave it, (eventually try to get off as soon as possible) but do away totally with any bad idea that label gave you about yourself that there is “something wrong with me” or that “I need to be fixed”, or “I am not normal”.

There is nothing wrong with you! You are just like everybody else who went through a horrible experience and received emotional consequences from a painful and scary experience.

The level of pain will vary from person to person.That is all! There is nothing wrong with you! You just need to get unstuck from what is stuck in your system. Nothing else!

Directions for this video: 1. Set aside at least one hour of the day where you can be quiet and actually do this without getting distracted. 2. If you need support, then ask someone to sit with you. But you should feel comfortable screaming and crying in any manner you want. You need to feel safe to let it all go. 3. If this is a big emotional trauma you are releasing, then once you do this, the after effects may last for a few days. This is why you need to repeat it. More emotions and unwanted thought patterns may arise. 4. BE VERY AWARE OF THE THOUGHTS YOU ARE HAVING WHILE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO AND DO THE RELEASE. If you are not too upset, it is a good idea to even write those thoughts down. Many very painful and seemingly illogical thoughts will emerge when you do this emotional trauma healing. Buried memories of the past, and even past lives, can come to the surface which are blocking your life. Please keep in mind, these thoughts are NOT real. They are thoughts, and the thoughts of the mind are what we are trying to remove for spiritual enlightenment. However, if you find it is too overwhelming, then do not be afraid to seek some type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can even find this for free in the app stores on the phones. 5. Allow yourself to feel and think whatever arises. Become aware of exactly what is happening and embrace it completely. While this pain is being squeezed out of you, speak aloud and pray to Kala Bhairava (The Lord of Time who is responsible for destruction) or your deity to remove it all and tell them that you surrender it to them. I suggest doing it aloud. Here is the most beneficial prayer, “Kala Bhairava, Kala Bhairava, Kala Bhairava, I surrender this to you. Please remove this. Agni Dev burn in the Rudra homa, Agni Dev burn in the Rudra Homa, Agni Dev burn in the Rudra homa,” and mentally imagine the pain burning. (The Rudra homa is a fire ceremony to worship the Lord Shiva to destroy negativity. 6. Continue the entire process until relief is found. 7. (Optional) Afterward, if you find that these thoughts are thoughts which you have repeatedly, you may burn them in a small cup and dispose of them outside the house near some nature. When you release them, pray again to your God and ask them to relieve you of these thoughts. This is very helpful, however, if this is against your religious belief system then it is not necessary you do not have to. However, it will radically assist you to remove the negative mental patterns which are related to that event. 8. After burning it is important to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. So, make sure that after you burn that you replace the negative thoughts with positive.

Prayer for the Day:

Please may I be free of ALL mental thought patterns which cause acute stress disorder or PTSD symptoms. I declare I am healed.

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