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Swami Nithyananda's Feet

The basic and loose definition of “maya” according to the Vedic teachings is “illusion”, or “unreal”. The sages and scriptures indicate that the entire world as we know it is actually unreal. It is Maya the illusion.

This is actually something that very important we need to consider while we examine the role of emotional healing and how it may, or may not, progress us on our path.

Nowadays, everyone and their mother thinks they are a spiritual teacher. They took a Reiki course, or got certified in past life regression and call themselves an expert. To make it worse, they even charge large amounts of money for their so-called “healing”.

I have many friends who are “healers”, but none of them really heal. They think they do, but they don’t. And I’ll tell you why—because they aren’t enlightened.

Look. I know what I am talking about. Many years ago, I was one of them. I took a Reiki certification and became a massage therapist. I got trained in Pranic Healing and on and on, blah, blah, blah. Wanna know how many people I healed? Zero. I simply absorbed their problems and made my life worse. No matter how much salt I washed my hands with or bathed in and no matter how much chord cutting I did. The reality is that someone can only heal you if that person has a higher vibration and frequency, and who has done more work on themselves than you. That determines who is going to get the brunt of the karmic mess that exists in the “client”. How can you know that? You can’t. I learned this teaching the hard way. And many years later, Nithyananda Swami clarified it in one his satsang from YouTube. He said, “never get deep body-work healing from anybody”. Why? Because deep body work connects you to other people's karma. If you are giving body work, then you are taking that karma from your client.

I know that sounds fear based. Believe me the last thing I want to do is spread fear. But if you can learn from my mistakes, then learn: rely only on the divine to heal you. Period. It is about surrender and going inside. Nothing else.

I have been both the facilitator and the client. In total, I have spent over twenty years trying to “heal myself”.


Sadly, none of it worked. Why? Because it was healing which was going on OUTSIDE of me. It was not happening within. The important lesson here is this: ONLY YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY.

All these people charging money for healing you is A SCAM, A SHAM, MAYA THE ILLUSION, A LIE. Don’t fall for it! They may be really nice, seemingly healed and balanced, they may have the best intentions, they may be even be more spiritually advanced like I said above, but UNLESS THEY ARE TEACHING YOU HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF, WITH A TECHNIQUE OR A PROCESS, YOU ARE IN MOST CASES WASTING YOUR MONEY, TIME, AND LIFE. They are unknowingly, and unconsciously cheating you.

This is not to say the same of an enlightened master, though. They do have the power to enter your mind and change things around and heal you, if you’re opened enough and clear enough to want it. Our own thoughts can block the healing we so desperately want. So if all of those thoughts are cleared, about wanting healing from a master, then surely you will get it.

Of course, if you have some physical condition, and you need an alternative doctor or some medical treatments, then by all means take it. I’m referring mostly to your emotional life and how to facilitate healing of your past, your past lives and traumas, and create a life you want free from Maya the illusion.

Here is the scriptural truth from the Guru Gita, authored by Sage Vyasa, a long time ago. Here he tells it is the Guru who will heal you in verse 11.

Sanskrit:  sarva-paapa-vi”suddhaatmaa “sriiguro.h paadasevanaat, dehii brahma bhavedyasmaat tvatk.rpaartha.m vadaami te.

English:  All sins are cleansed from the soul through service to Sri Guru’s feet, which is how you become the One while embodied, I tell you this.

Here, sins mean the karma you are holding. Please notice, it does not say find a local healer in your area and pay them money for “healing”. It says you are healed through service to the Guru’s feet! So if you don’t have a Guru, then it is time to get one! This is how we really escape our sufferings and karma. This is how we get saved from Maya the illusion. Pray the Prayer of the Day from below sincerely on a regular basis, and they will find you. It is actually the Guru who finds the disciple and not the disciple who finds the Guru! Cool, huh?


Prayer for the day:

Please guide me easily to the Guru who will grant me enlightenment and bless me to have a close relationship with them.

the guru's feet

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